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Mark Anthony Lord (yes, that’s his real name) calls himself a guy-who-courageously-lives-out-on-the-limb-and-pasionately-leads-others-to-their-power-and-greatness.But that’s way too long to say (and write) – so Inspirational Thought Leader will do!


He's also an author, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, coach/counselor, blogger, minister, in recovery, super creative, and … your best investment.

Since 2000 Mark Anthony Lord has been inspiring leaders, groups, and audiences to become empowered to take the often scary, but always worth it, leaps into greater success, personal responsibility, and happiness. He does this with wit, wisdom, effortless style and candor.

Raised in a blue-collar suburb of Detroit, his role models were good-hearted people who were happy to maintain the status quo. They didn’t know how to follow their dreams or move beyond mediocrity. These people were also his most wonderful teachers because they gave him the perfect beginning – the springboard that made him insatiable to find his way to freedom, personal power, passion, and a life of meaning and purpose. Helping people find that same place within them is his greatest joy.

As an expert speaker, Mark Anthony fearlessly unpacks the trials and tribulations he surmounted along his road to freedom, while weaving in practical tools for transformation that everyone can use for their own personal and professional development.

After receiving his Masters in Divinity in 2003, Mark Anthony founded the Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago. For 11 years he was the CEO & Spiritual Director growing it from ten people in his living room to thousands. Prior to this he spent seventeen years working as a Director and Choreographer traveling all over the world including a 3-year stint at Disney. His genius talent throughout all his work has been his ability to motivate and inspire people to become greater than they ever thought possible. From dancers on a stage in Sydney to courageous entrepreneurs working out of their homes or corporate managers struggling to lead their teams to success – Mark Anthony sees through their blocks and fears and elevates them into the place where new possibilities prevail.


With Mikki Williams at NSA in San Diego, CA.

Mark Anthony Lord is AMAZING

Don't we look great together? - Mikki Williams, CSP, CPAE


Choose from any one below or I'll craft one specific to your objectives and audience.

Genius or Bust

Your PURPOSE lives in your PROBLEMS

Mindfulness - the easy road to success

The Gifts of Giving Up!

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The 4 AGREEMENTS that will transform your life

Thou Shall Not Suffer - 7 Steps To A Life of Joy

It’s time to end the suffering game! It’s not fun or effective, and it’s no longer necessary. This book helps you see your personal, chronic suffering patterns while giving you an effective and deeply fulfilling approach on how you can become free to live a more joyful, passionate, prosperous, and powerful life.

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Make your event more than memorable - make it magnificent! Talks are tailored to your organization and audience with perfection.


1/2 day and all-day seminars designed to guide you and your team into and through exercises, experiences, and conversations that give you positive transformation.


No time wasted here! Fast, effective, honest support that gives you the insight, courage, and support you need to successfully be and lead from your GENIUS.

Why Book Mark Anthony?

We can use the common buzz words with confidence – entertaining, thought-provoking, energizing, encouraging, compassionate, committed … but Mark Anthony brings more than an inspiring talk – he brings a conversation that will continue long beyond the event. Mark Anthony has a way of evoking the right questions that will generate solutions from within the people themselves.
Book Mark Anthony because you want your company to grow, your people to know you care about their well-being and work/life satisfaction. You want an event that will be talked about for months following and the insights gained from it to multiply in as many directions as possible.

Booking Mark Anthony is booking a great future for your people and your company.


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